Best Natural DIY Bug Repellant Recipes

Nothing ruins outdoor fun quite like bugs. We’ve rounded up EASY recipes (and tutorials) to keep the critters off while you’re enjoying the great outdoors!  Deet is super effective against bugs, but the harsh chemicals make some cringe – especially when it comes to protecting kids.  Most of these recipes contain essential oils or other cupboard items.  When used correctly, they’re super effective.

This recipe has a cute printable label!

DIY Natural Bug SprayIn this post, Wellness Mama shares a couple of different recipes for repellent and some alternatives to using essential oils.

Bugs-Be-Gone Balm, a Natural Insect Repellent

This recipe is a BALM – a nice alternative to a spray.  It uses some of the same essential oils as the spray recipes.

homemade bug repellent oil

And this post keeps thing simple with an oil to rub into your skin.  There are a couple essential oil combos recommended here.

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This post shows how to keep the bugs away from you and your home using makeshift traps and sprays.

Before you start mixing, you’ll need some supplies.  These amber bottles (affiliate) are great for take along sized bug repellents.  The amber color helps keep oils from losing their potency.

5 DIY Natural Bug Repellant Recipes

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