BEST of 2015!

Have you ever bitten your fingernails? I did as a kid. I stopped eventually but it feels like we did a lot of that this year — our first year working on Bite Sized Biggie! We’ve shared and learned so much with nervous excitement along the way! There are 3 of us on this adventure – Katie, Tiffany and Susan – and we’ve been sharing the good stuff we find and make and write. We love big things in small packages. We see joy and sweetness in our very real, very messy lives and and want to create more of it by sharing good, useful, uplifting posts. Most Popular Posts of 2015

We get a little thrill, a bite-sized jolt, each time we see a reader comment on or share a post. So now that we’re wrapping up this first year, we’ve gathered our top 13 of 2015 – the BEST of our BIGGIES!

First, our personal favorites.

Katie made gorgeous placemats and shared the easy tutorial!Super-Fast-Placemat-Sewing-Tutorial-these-make-such-great-gifts

Tiffany wrote this post on creating more happiness in your life – and the steps are both simple and do-able.10-simple-steps-to-a-happier-life-nothing-gimmicky-just-time-tested-ways-to-feel-better-and-enjoy-your-own-life-more

Susan loved putting together this roundup of ideas for sewing projects that give back.9 Charity Sewing Project Ideas and Projects - Bite Sized Biggie

And then our statistical TOP TEN – the posts that were read and shared the most this year. Counting down to number 1:

10. 12 FREE Tote Bag Patterns


9. Oodles of Amazing Noodle Projects!750-x-1100-BSB

8. 7 Tricks for Amazing Photos Using Household Items7-tricks-to-amazing-photos-using-household-objects

7. Folding Fabric to Size – A Tutorialfolding-fabrics-to-size

6. 11 Drool-Worthy Craft Room Organization Ideas11-drool-worthy-craft-room-organization-ideas

5. Why This Mom Got Rid of Her Wardrobe


4. Put Down The Knife! 14 Awesome No Carve Pumpkin Ideas!No-carve-pumpkins-PUT-DOWN-THAT-KNIFE-Hahahaha

3. How to Grow Herbs IndoorsHow to grow herbs INDOORS! Which ones grow well indoors, where to put them, how to plant them!

2. The Unbelievably FAST Way to Cut MILES of Bias Tape!A mind blowingly easy way to cut tons of bias tape in seconds - literally seconds. I can't believe how easy this is.

1. 3 Things Quilters Should STOP Doing!3 things quilters (and anyone who sews!) should STOP DOING!

Thank you for joining us this year – we can’t wait to share more of our favorite Bite Sized Biggies!

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