8 Beautiful Burlap Projects to Decorate Your Home

8 Beautiful Burlap Projects

Burlap is the must-have fabric this fall. It has great texture, color and it’s extremely inexpensive. This versatile fabric can be purchased by the yard or in spools at most craft stores, fabric stores and online…even (affiliate) Amazon sells it. The possibilities are endless when decorating with burlap. Make sure it airs out a bit, as it tends to have a little odor. Iron it or keep it a little wrinkly for a more rustic look. Ready to get started? You’ll love these ideas!

Even an office can get a burlap makeover. Wrap it around a bulletin board and embellish with nailhead pins.

burlap bulletin board

A bunting! Paint using a stencil and when it’s complete, hang it inside or outside to celebrate any fall occasion.

burlap bunting

Use the same technique to decorate a pillow. Since the fabric is a bit scratchy, carefully follow these instructions to soften it up.

burlap pillow

Alternatively, you can print directly onto the fabric. Here are instructions on how to to make it happen!

How to print onto burlap

You won’t believe how fun it is to wrap up a pumpkin using plastic bags as filler.


This wrapped wreath is a simple and inexpensive way to dress up any door.

wrapped wreath

Create a basic table runner with fringe. It can be dressed up or dressed down.

fringed burlap table runner

Cover up a plain (or just plain unsightly) lampshade to add some warmth in your room.

recovered lampshade

Pin this post to share it with friends and to find it later!8 Beautiful BURLAP projects! Burlap is so inexpensive and can be used for such big impact!

Do you have a favorite burlap project or do you use it in other ways? Let us know- we want to hear why you’re in love with burlap too!

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