Make Your Own Easy Marshmallow Fondant

Wow your guests with this super simple technique!

I love to cook. Baking, not so much. Baking requires a lot more precision than I possess. And decorating cakes… major panic sets in. I’m always looking for shortcuts. I thought fondant might be the answer to all my decorating woes – until I tasted it. I’m not a fan of the way it tastes, so I put it out of my mind as an option.

Until I heard about this.

Marshmallow fondant. I love marshmallows. And it whips up easily. A cake with a finished look AND yummy flavor? It’s a win-win!

This video shows all the steps and ingredients needed to make your own batch and wow your friends and family! Instant rock star status!

Try it and tell us what YOU think! Not baking today? Pin this post for later!


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