You May Never Eat Microwave Popcorn Again!

This is SO MUCH better than microwave popcorn and still so simple to make!Popcorn……You can already SMELL it just thinking about it, can’t you?

It’s almost intoxicating. Certainly a stress reducer. You almost always eat popcorn when you’re relaxing or being entertained. The movie theater, carnivals – popcorn just completes the experience. So, what else would you choose for a nice movie night on the sofa with your favorite people? POPCORN. What could be better? Until. You. Burn. It.

You stick a microwaveable pack in the microwave and you begin to smell the aroma and hear the lovely sound of kernels popping. You turn your back to answer a question or wash a quick dish and the lovely aroma turns into that terrible smoky smell. The smell that will stick in your microwave (and maybe the rest of your house!) for FOREVER and remind you of your movie night fail.

Maybe you’re a microwave popping master and you haven’t experienced the disappointment of burning your batch. But you HAVE to admit that even the best nukeable stuff doesn’t compare to the tub of sinful, salty deliciousness that you treat yourself to at the movie theater. There’s just something about it that doesn’t quite measure up.

What if you didn’t have to settle for the next best thing? What if you could enjoy the yumminess of movie popcorn in the comfort of your home? And in less than 5 minutes -prep and cleanup included!?! We have the answer! Ditch the microwave stuff with all of the artificial junk in it and give this a whirl!

After you try this you'll never want microwave popcorn again-1The Whirley Pop (affiliate) will ROCK YOUR WORLD! The directions are simple. Add your oil and popcorn to your pot, secure the lid. Turn on the stove. Begin turning the crank as it all heats up and don’t stop cranking. We found that shifting the pot slightly also helps the process. Continue to turn the crank while the popcorn pops. The crank gets a little tougher as the pot fills so you’ll need to stop cranking – forcing the crank can break it. Once the popping slows significantly, remove from heat. When the popping has completely stopped, pour in your bowl(s) and top with butter/salt/whatever else you can think of. We’re pretty big fans of sriracha popcorn. One of the biggest advantages is there are WAY fewer unpopped kernels – seriously, only a few were left after popping.After you try this you'll never want microwave popcorn again-2

Cleanup is simple. Take off the lid and wipe it down. The pot itself cleans up with a soapy rag or you can throw it in the dishwasher. Our popper also included a handy “All Inclusive Popcorn Popping Kit” to make “Real Theater Popcorn”. It’s a sealed package with separate compartments for oil, popcorn and the butter/salt mix. You open the package, pour it all in the pot and 3 minutes later… awesome family snack!

All in all – we’re BIG fans of this product. BIG fans. One of our reviewers said, “I love the reaction from my family. The sound and delicious smell of it brings everyone running, and it makes enough for everyone in a hurry. The adults are just as happy about it as the kids!” So true. Some adults we know have been to eat it for breakfast and/or lunch. Ahem.

This is great for large quantities of popcorn in a flash. If you appreciate the convenience and smaller serving size of microwave popcorn, you’ll love this recipe – also giving you complete control over the ingredients so you can avoid commercial microwave popcorn’s toxic chemicals.

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This is SO MUCH better than microwave popcorn and still so simple to make! You'll love it! And it's a great family gift.



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