Number Cakes Made Simple As 1,2,3

Quick and Easy Steps to Making Number Cakes

True confession time… I’m a lousy baker. I have these ideas in my head that almost NEVER come out right. I have 4 kids so birthdays seem to come around often and I always try to find an alternative to cakes because I stress out so much about getting them right. When I saw this video from So Yummy showing how to make number cakes, it made me believe “I can do that!”. I love when someone takes the guesswork out of things for me and this video did just that. They even show the shortcut of using an ice cream scoop to drop icing on the cake which seems like a super idea! No specialty pans are needed, either – only loaf pans and round pans! To top it all off, they offer quick tips on super cute decorating themes, too.

Check it out below!


If you prefer a step by step, non-video number cake tutorial, you can also check out loaf pans.

Do you have any fool proof cake ideas YOU’D care to share? Comment below – and pin this post for later!

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