Stuck Inside? A Quiet Activity Idea

Our Rainy Afternoon With MiniLou

When school is out, our family finds it a little challenging to find our free time groove. The walls seem to close in around us when the kids are left to their own devices, so, often, our solution is to send the kids outdoors.rainy-day-quiet-play-mini-lou-coloring-and-activity-books

Enter thunderstorms. Suddenly, sending the kids to play in their tree swings isn’t the best idea. MiniLou to the rescue! For those of you unfamiliar with MiniLou, you’ll have to check them out! They produce the loveliest materials – coloring books, paper dolls, bookmarks, cards and more. They were kind enough to send me a sampling of materials for my kids to try out. The package – hand wrapped in paper and tied with a blue satin ribbon – was so sweet and happy.

It gives me such joy to see my kids fully engrossed in low-tech, hands on, simple fun and MiniLou’s books did the trick!

The 5×7 coloring books we received were perfect for our girls. For the 11 year old – Everything You Need to Know About Zombies! It, along with the Dress Up Days book, fits her eclectic interests perfectly! I got a kick out of the zombie book because the pictures are funny and there are survival tips for the zombie apocalypse!

On the other hand, my 8 year old, who happens to love all things animal related, really digs The Awesome World of Sharks coloring book. She loves memorizing animal facts and this book has some great ones! What’s even more amazing, she rarely sits in front of a coloring book for long but this one really held her interest.

shark coloring book

My 6 year old is happy just coloring anything – even more than the other two combined. So, of course, she was thrilled with the In the Leaves coloring book featuring woodland creatures and nature scenes.

Nature coloring book

The Hansel and Gretel paper dolls are perhaps even more exciting than the coloring books. The envelope features sturdy punch out Hansel, Gretel, witch, clothes, flowers, animals, candy and more. In addition, there are a couple of different backgrounds for imaginative play. The dolls are sturdy and so artfully done! They were easy to punch out and everything stores in the envelope. Win-win!

Hansel and Gretel

Hands with witch


These MiniLou items were the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon, but they’ve also brought hours of entertainment to our children since and are holding up well. I love toys and activities that require imagination. The coloring books are great for quiet, individual time and the paper dolls are great for together play. You can find a selection of them here (affiliate).

How do you keep your kids entertained on a rainy day?

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