Sew a Button by Hand: Video Tutorial

A few minutes with needle and thread and you’re done!

If you’ve never learned to sew a button on, it sounds simple enough until you actually need to DO it, right? How hard can it be? But then you’re not sure which way the button goes, how to anchor it well, how many times to go around and how to finish it up so that it won’t randomly fall off and leave you in wardrobe malfunction-ville.

No one escapes lost buttons forever, so knowing how to sew a button will come in handy eventually! All you need are a few pieces from a basic sewing kit (aff) – needle, thread and scissors. Bonus points for you if you have one of those free hotel sewing kits in a junk drawer. You can probably get away with skipping the scissors – a single thread isn’t hard to break off. Then you’ll be all set to save a few bucks when you don’t have to go to a tailor for such a simple fix. You’ll also feel like a ROCK STAR for solving the problem yourself!

This video with its ridiculously oversized button makes it super easy to see the step-by-step process that really IS simple once you see how to do it. All ages can follow this one. HOORAY for video how-tos!

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