How I Made My Food Photos Yummier! A “Tasty Food Photography” Review

When the opportunity came up for me to review Tasty Food Photography, an e-book by Lindsay Ostrom of pinch of yum, I jumped at the chance. It’s part of a special bundle on sale only this week available here via an affiliate link. I want to shoot food photos to share with friends and for this blog but up until now, I was overwhelmed by my lack of photo knowledge and experience. I have a great frozen cookie tutorial that I can’t wait to share and now I can!Tasty Food Photography review - how I made my food photos yummier!
Ostrom’s gorgeous and mouth-watering photos are published at both Tastespotting and Foodgawker and she’s been at it for over 4 years. She shares all of the basics such as lighting, scene set-up and the use of props but it’s her additional knowledge that adds value to this book. Tips such as how to shoot a heaping bowl of soup, ways to glisten your food, scraping the morsels with light and the best way to maximize your shoot time. Most of her tips involve budget-friendly solutions, so the total investment to improve my photo was a $1 piece of cardboard!

Tasty Food Photography Book Review
I found myself reading a portion of the book, then taking a few photos, reading another section and taking a few more. I quickly saw the quality of my photos progress with each photo session. While the book is geared towards readers who already own a DSLR camera, she also includes valuable tips for the iphone and point and shoot cameras. Ostrom suggests four photo editing apps for the iPhone. It’s reassuring to know that a big splurge on photo editing software isn’t absolutely necessary. However, if you purchase either Photoshop or Lightroom, you will get the most out of this book since she provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit your photos in these programs. The e-book format works well since there are the 13 embedded video tutorials on editing.

Before reading the e-book, I took my photos in automatic mode using a DSLR camera. I relied heavily on editing after taking the photo to polish it up and gave minimal thought to setting up my scene.

Before reading Tasty Food Photography

After reading this book I captured these strawberries while using props and telling a story. I improved the lighting and took it off of automatic! Now, I still have a ton of room for improvement but with more practice, I’ll capture much better shots.

So, which bowl of strawberries would you rather eat?

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