The Best DIY Ant Killers

Little tiny ants can be such a GREAT BIG PROBLEM – but these two recipes are fantastic at not only getting rid of ants — but also — getting them to GO AWAY TO DIE. No sprays that kill them on contact and leave a trail of tiny dead ants you have to clean up. Horrifying, isn’t it? You need a DIY ANT KILLER RECIPE! Or two. I have two!

If you’re ready to make a BIG BATCH, you’ll want this recipe that will keep for months or years:

DIY ant killer recipe

And if you only need a quick little batch, you’ll want this one that you can use immediately but would want to refrigerate if you have any left over.

fast ant killer recipe


I’ve also heard that over time you’ll want to switch up the sweet component of the recipe. A different kind of sugar, honey, or fruit jam, as ants can “learn” a scent/flavor to avoid.

And just because I can, I’m going to leave this here for fun, because what does Pink Panther sing when he steps on an ant??

Easy DIY Recipes for Ant Killer

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