Why You Need a Tiny Rotary Cutter!

A few sewing bloggers are sharing their favorite tools and gadgets today – and mine are TINY rotary cutters! Here’s why you need one!


Small projects move more quickly and smoothly with the right size tools! I’ve added a few affiliate links here to help you get started. I’m not all that brand conscious when it comes to these – the blades all work about the same way, but you might choose different styles for the type of grip and blade safety mechanism. All of them feature replaceable blades. Affiliate links below!

A regular 45 mm rotary cutter is a great place to start, especially for long straight cuts and larger pieces of fabric.

A 28 mm rotary cutter, a good bit smaller, is great for medium to small curves – especially the sorts you’d find in baby and children’s clothing patterns.

And last and least, an 18mm rotary cutter is super tiny – ultra light and easy on your wrist as you cut tiny curves, facings and embellishments. You can often find it as part of a bundle with a small mat and ruler that all work well together.

Ready to see more new tools to try? Hop over to the post on The Daily Seam!


Why you need a TINY rotary cutter!

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