4 Simple and Delicious Salad Dressing Recipes that WOW!

Healthy, easy and flavorful!

When it comes to what I feed my family, it’s not uncommon for me to have a crisis of conscience over the pre-made, processed items I feed them. Usually, it’s fleeting and my strike against Pop Tarts or corn dogs ends when I cave in favor of convenience and conformity. One area that I’ve found balance is with salad dressings. If my kids will eat fresh veggies, I’ll allow some bottled ranch in my house. I also keep a couple of bottles on hand for a last minute salad option for my hubby. But, rest assured, if I’m planning a salad for dinner, I’m also planning a homemade salad dressing. They’re quite easy and so yummy. And I can pronounce every. single. ingredient.

The salad dressings in this video are being added to my rotation. I’ve included the recipes below, but I also agree with Eva – find the portions that appeal best to your taste buds. Don’t get stuck trying to follow the recipes to the letter. Dressings are forgiving.

To print the recipes, hop over to Eva Chung‘s site!

What are your favorite dressing recipes? Share them in the comments!


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