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  • Simple DIY Easter Shirt for Somebunny Special!

    I don’t know about you, but doing cutesy mootsie shirts for Easter is something I often think about, but always run out of time to do. That’s when I hit the internet and search for a quick fix. I came upon this Easter shirt tutorial and it’s so simple! The kids can even get involved […]

  • 20+ Delicious Easter Treats

    It’s Easter in a week, so it’s time to be completely in “Easter mode”.  Let all the festivities begin!  There is still plenty of time to do some fun, festive and creative things for Easter and here are some great ideas for Easter treats to make this week!

  • Easy DIY Easter Grass Nest

    Confession time…I hate Easter grass. It gets everywhere and it seems to multiply in our house. I find this especially strange considering we never buy any! So, of course I decided to find a crafty solution for it so it remains a bit more contained. This project was a little messy, but pretty doggone simple. […]

  • Adorable Easter Scrap Busting Projects You’ll Love!

    Is your scrap pile overflowing? Dig in and start Easter scrap busting projects! We’ve found a handful of favorites here. Some require larger scraps and some use teeny tiny ones. Find one – or eight – that you can make today for a scrap-happy Easter! Let one of these super cute Easy Bunny Pillows hop into an Easter basket. Got jellybeans? Make an […]

  • 10 Easy Sew Easter Projects – Quick and Easy!

    Have a little time to sew and want to make something quick that packs a big punch? Here are 10 easy sew Easter projects that will have you hopping out the door in no time with your finished projects! Grab your favorite Spring-y fabrics and get to work! Make a Carrot Door Hanger to accompany Carrot Treat […]

  • 5 Shockingly Simple Easter Crafts You Can Make!

    5 simple Easter crafts that you *almost* can’t mess up. The shocking part is how cute the results are without herculean effort! Supply lists are short, prep time is almost nothing and the results are beautiful. Make these yourself or with kids and nobody will cry or tear their hair out.  Okay, except maybe the Peep house […]

  • 10 DIY Ways to Celebrate Graduation!

    Graduation season is on the way again! After YEARS and YEARS of effort, it’s so fun to celebrate the achievement of graduates, big and small. I’ve gathered up these ideas to help savor the moment by putting a little of ourselves and our craftiness into the moment.Graduation Cupcakes Free Printable Graduation Card Book Cushions May […]

  • Resurrection Eggs – Eggs That Tell A Story

    When Easter rolls around, our kids do Easter baskets and attend egg hunts, but our main focus is on the real story of Easter. My husband and I love finding tangible ways to teach our kids. Bible stories and church sermons go a long way in telling the story, but illustrations help the kids understand the story […]

  • 25 Egg-cellent Egg Projects

    You’ll love these 25 new and classic ideas for decorating Easter Eggs! Coloring Page Decoupage Easter Eggs | Vintage Music Eggs | Book Page Easter Eggs | DIY Easter Egg Tree | DIY Paper Mache Eggs | DIY Stamped Cement Eggs Natural Easter Egg Dye from Fruits and Veggies | DIY Foil Eggs | Wooden Egg Trio Decoupaged Floral Easter Eggs | Marbled Shaving Cream Eggs | Paint and Ribbon Eggs | He is Risen […]

  • Awesome Animal Crafts and Projects!

    Let’s have some fun with animals. How fun are all these animal crafts, recipes, and kid ideas!? From spring chicks and caterpillars to cosy polar bear and sheep there are some awesome animal projects that will be sure to supply hours of fun for the little ones. bath toys they’ll play with for hours | […]