Easy DIY Easter Grass Nest

An adorable little nest made with supplies you probably already have!

Confession time…I hate Easter grass. It gets everywhere and it seems to multiply in our house. I find this especially strange considering we never buy any! So, of course I decided to find a crafty solution for it so it remains a bit more contained.

This project was a little messy, but pretty doggone simple. And the results were pretty cute! I made a small Easter grass nest, but you can create any size.


  • School glue (or Modpodge)
  • Assortment of Easter grass
  • A balloon
  • A bowl
  • A paintbrush (optional)

Step 1

Inflate your balloon. Keep in mind the desired finished size. I only inflated mine a bit because I wanted a smaller nest.

Step 2

Pour glue into your bowl. Thin with water. Don’t use more than a 1:1 ratio of glue to water. Too much water will make a much bigger mess and takes longer to set up.

Step 3

There are two options here. Option 1: Paint glue solution on the balloon and adhere grass to the balloon. Option 2: Dip small bunches of grass into the solution and apply them to the balloon.After applying a few layers, invert your balloon (nest side up) in a bowl and allow to dry overnight. You might want to put down some newspaper, to make clean up a snap.

Step 4

When your nest is dry, pop your balloon and carefully peel the easter grass nest away from the nest.

Step 5

Fill your nest and enjoy the cuteness!

This is a very kid-friendly craft. The glue mixture gets a little messy, but it’s all washable. Grab some grass and get crafting– and pin this post to save it for later!

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