11 Fun Ways to Celebrate Graduation!

Decorations, gifts, party planning and tips for a memorable graduation celebration

A graduate MUST be celebrated! You know how hard they worked and now their achievements deserve more then just a pat on the back. Check out these ideas to show your graduate how proud you are of their success. Let’s get this party started!Fun and simple ways to celebrate your graduate!

Here’s a free printable of Graduation Subway Art. Frame it up for a grad party or make into a card. So many uses and it’s so cute!


Toppers for your treat bags! If you’re throwing a graduation party or know a ton of graduates, make up these treat bags based on the beloved Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”


Giving a graduate some cash? Make this cool card out of their school colors! It’s a free printable and it’s oh-so-fun to make the tassels.


We love this idea for graduates. Let your guests leave a jenga piece of advice. Although this one was intended for a wedding, we think it’s also appropriate for a graduate.

jenga piece advice

Give your balloons a classic mortar board cap! Follow these instructions so your balloons can withstand the weight and look awesome.

DIY-Graduation-Balloon with hat

Make this super simple and adorable Tissue Paper Party Sign for the graduate. Use tissue paper in the colors of the school they completed or will be attending next year!

graduation-party-decor-tissue-paper-yearThese Chocolate Graduation Cap Pops are so adorable and easy to make, you just have to set out a dozen or so in honor of your sweet graduate.

graduation cap pops

Since EVERYONE has a camera these days, set up a DIY Photo Booth with empty frames, graduation props (affiliate) and a fun backdrop.

photo booth props

graduation photo props

Don’t forget to make some Tassel Garland to decorate both your photo backdrop and around your party venue.


Make a few fun centerpieces for the occasion with senior portraits or a sweet candid.

centerpiece graduation party

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How to celebrate your graduate! Great ideas for gradution gifts and parties!

If you’re celebrating in your backyard, check out these 9 Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games to keep your guests entertained.

9 CRAZY FUN Outdoor Games for your next party or for family fun!

Now that you’ve studied and taken notes on how to celebrate your graduate in style, it’s time for the final! We’re positive you’ll ace it! Just Pin this and have a big time celebrating your graduates!

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