How to Decorate a Super Simple Captain America Cake

Decorate a Captain America Cake with just M&Ms

I love creative cakes but often cake toppers can be expensive and decorating with fancy tips takes precision and can be time consuming. When I spied these red, white and blue M&Ms, I knew it would be perfect for a super simple Captain America cake! Make one for any patriotic holiday, a birthday or just a special treat. It was quick to whip up and fun to assemble.Quick and Simple Captain America Cake tutorial by Bite Sized Biggie

You can use your favorite cake recipe to make this, just make sure you use round cake pans for baking. For me, boxed cakes are great but I MUST make my own icing. Use whatever you prefer, I promise it will come out awesome! I love the simplicity of this cake because you really don’t need decorating tips. It’s simple, fast and fun.


  1. Cake mix
  2. Two 9″ round cake pans
  3. Buttercream frosting
  4. Cake level
  5. Red, white and blue M&Ms (approximately 80 red, 32 white, and 46 blue)
  6. 5 wooden toothpicks measuring 2.5″ long


  1. Bake your 9″ round cake in any flavor according to your recipe.
  2. Make it level. One decorating gadget that I love is a (affiliate) cake level. It isn’t a necessity for this cake, but I think it creates a less dome-shaped, easier to work with surface.level-cake-Captain-America
  3. Whip up your frosting. I use a basic buttercream frosting recipe by Martha Stewart.
  4. Stack your leveled layers of cake with a layer of frosting (or jelly) in between the cake layers.
  5. Frost the top and sides of the cake with that beautiful icing.
  6. Separate your M&Ms (this is a fun task for your young helpers). prep-Captain-America-cake-i
  7. Cut your toothpicks in half. Mark the center of the cake and outline your star in the center of the
  8. Start placing your white M&Ms vertically inside the star so they stand up on the cake instead of lie down.m&m-star
  9. Place the blue M&Ms around the white star so they create a circle around the white star.
  10. Carefully remove the toothpicks!!!
  11. Place the red M&Ms around the perimeter of the cake then place more red M&Ms around your blue M&M circle.Captain-America-cakeEnjoy!!!  If you are making this into a birthday cake, there’s space for writing along the white circle. If you’re up for maximum m&m coverage, you can even add two rings of white M&Ms in between the two red rings. My son loves M&Ms and superheros so this made a great project that he helped create. Have fun, eat cake and save the world!Quick and Easy Captain America Cake tutorial by Bite Sized Biggie


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