DIY Dog Sweater for ANY Sized Pooch

A Simple Video Tutorial to Make a Dog Sweater

The cool temps are here! Whenever I head outside for my daily dog walk, I not only need a hat and gloves for myself, but I also grab a warm sweater for my pooch. I found our adventures were more enjoyable (and longer) if we wore an extra layer. With this easy fleece sweater tutorial, you can make several of these today. Prepare yourself for a spur of the moment stroll by leaving a spare one in the car! The Crafty Gemini created this detailed video tutorial that can fit any sized dog. It’s perfect for smaller dogs too who get cold more easily. She walks you through every step of process of DIY’ing a dog sweater including how to measure your sweet furry friend.

Remember to praise and give treats to your dog while measuring and fitting him. I found my dog Ramsey was awkward and stiff when I initially put the sweater on him. However, once he was leashed up and walking outside, he behaved more like himself.You can even embellish a dog sweater for any season or holiday – so fun! Don’t forget to also check out the Dog Collar Slipcover Tutorial, so your pup will always have the appropriate seasonal wear without spending mega money.


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