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This free downloadable graduation card is a sponsored post written on behalf of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. All opinions are mine.

What do most – ahem, all – graduates want for graduation? That’s right. Money.

Cold, hard cash.Free Printable Money Holder Graduation Card - holds cash or a check!

What a better way to deliver your graduate’s desired gift than with a DIY Money Holder Graduation Card… complete with a miniature graduation cap and tassel! These whip up pretty quickly, and you can match the graduate’s school colors because these papers come in every color – it’s a great project to COLORIZE life a little!Free Printable Money Holder Graduation Card - holds cash or a check! So cute with the little tassel!

For this project, we used:

  • Astrobrights® colored card stock (In the above photo, we used Stardust White, Orbit Orange, Re-Entry Red, Blast-Off Blue, Solar Yellow and Gramma Green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Embroidery floss (the colors may vary depending on your cap color). One skein makes 3 tassels.
  • Printable card: Download here

First, the tassel.

To make your graduation tassels, you’ll need embroidery floss. A single skein will make about 3 small tassels.

Embroidery Floss

To begin, snip the loop on end of the skein, making one long bundle of floss. Next, cut the bundle into 3 bundles.

Snipped floss

Floss in thirds

From each bundle, remove 2 threads. With one thread, tie it in a knot around the middle of one of the bundles. This knot and string will become the string on which your tassel “hangs” from the cap.

Tie in center

Using a clipboard or binder clip, clasp the hanging thread from above and fold the ends of the bundle together.

Binder clip holding floss

Using your other cut thread, wrap it around the top of the tassel, approximately 1/3 inch from the top of the tassel (where you’ve folded it in half). Tie that in a knot and snip the ends of that string so they don’t show.

Finished Tassle

Unclasp from the clipboard and tie the ends of those strings in a knot (this part is optional, but I found it easier to push through the cap later.)

Place finished tassels aside for use later in the project.

Then the caps!

Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut 5 inch square pieces* of cardstock.

With a ruler and pencil, mark the center of the square with an “x”.

measured center

Fold each corner in to the center.

With a sharp object, poke a small hole through the center of the cap.

Poke center hole

Glue down 3 of the corners, temporarily leaving the 4th unglued.

Glue 3 sides

Using the object, push the knot of one your finished tassels through the hole from the “front” of the cap. Secure ends with tape and glue down the 4th corner.

poke tassel thread through

secure with tape

Your cap is complete.

Optional step:

For a more finished look, using a hole puncher, punch out a small circle of your colored paper and glue it to the front center of your cap as the button.

*For a dramatic effect, a 6 inch square makes a larger, more pronounced cap. However, neither it nor the 5 inch square will fit into a standard envelope. A simple circle sticker can seal the card – eliminating the need for an envelope. A 4 inch square will fold into a cap that WILL sit askew on the card and still fit in a standard #10 envelope. Try a few and see what you prefer. We like the look of the big cap!

Finally, the card!

Step one, print the card on a piece of ASTROBRIGHTS® card stock. ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers is a line of vibrant color paper and with 26 colors, you’re sure to find one that coordinates with your graduate’s school colors. Here we’re using Stardust White as a nice, neutral option.

printout card

Fold the bottom third of the card up and glue it to the middle third.

fold into thirds

Fold the top third down and crease it.

fold into final thirds

Using an X-acto knife, cut along the slanted lines on the inside of the card. Make sure your cuts go through both layers of paper. Make a couple of cuts so your slits are open enough to hold your bill or a check!

xacto cuts

cash in card

Lastly, glue your cap to the front of the card.

Voila! A money holder graduation card!

final product

When you fall in love with all of the color options, you can find more inspiration and ideas to COLORIZE your life here: A great thing about this paper is that black text shows up well even on the darker papers – that makes the possibilities endless!
Find ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers here, too:
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