Double Your Stitches In Half The Time!

A quick guide to using the double needle

I recently noticed the stitching on my cute shirt beginning to unravel. So disappointing since I haven’t worn it much. Also, I bought it at the end of the summer season last year, so… too late to return it. What’s a crafty gal to do? I decided it was time to mend this shirt so it would last for another season or two. Hurray…I love pulling out my sewing machine for small projects! Double excitement if I can get it done during my toddler’s nap time. I looked at the garment and sadly realized that it’s a double stitch! Eeek. That terrified me since I’d never used one before. I recalled my Brother CS 6000i (aff) machine came with a scary looking double needle, so there had to be a way to make it happen. Depending on who’s talking, it’s also called a twin needle (aff).To my surprise, it’s easy.

This video walked me through the steps, provided very helpful tips AND even suggested several decorative stitches to use with the double needle. No more anxiety over fixing my shirt! I was able to mend it in no time and now I’m ready to take on more double-needle projects. It’s great for fabrics that need to be able to stretch. I can even embellish my most adorable baby bibs or super absorbent burp cloths. Watch this to see how easy it is to use and then go ahead and give it a try!

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