Free Burp Cloth Pattern – with Tutorial!

The BEST gift – super cozy and absorbent!

As soon as I hear someone has a baby on the way, my sewing machine starts humming! I get so excited to make adorable little items for the expectant parents and look forward to having them open a handmade gift from me. This time around my brother and his wife are expecting, so I’m filling a diaper bag with all sorts of gifts – some off their registry and some are handmade, like this large, soft absorbent burp cloth. The outside is all flannel and the inside is 100% natural cotton quilt batting. It’s shaped like a peanut and rests just perfectly on either shoulder. The layering of these fabrics make the burp cloth ultra-soft and able to soak up a big mess – and, it’s PRECIOUS! I’ve made this free burp cloth pattern to share so that you can make them too!Free Burp Cloth Pattern



  1. Print out the free pattern here.
  2. Cut your flannel in half so your pieces are both 20″ long. (Alternatively, you can start with two coordinating flannels that are 20″ x 11 3/4″)
  3. Trace your pattern onto your three pieces of fabric — two pieces of flannel and one piece of quilt batting).tracing-burp-cloth-pattern
  4. Cut out the three pieces of fabric.cut-pattern-burp-cloth
  5. Layer and line up your three pieces in the following order: batting on the bottom, bottom of the burp cloth with the right side facing up, top of the burp cloth with the right side facing down. Once you’ve made your quilt sandwich, pin the three layers around the perimeter of the burp cloth. Make sure you mark off about three inches on one side of the burp cloth. You will not sew this three inch section since you will need to turn the bib right-side
  6. Sew your bib together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure you do not sew along those last three
  7. Turn the burp cloth right-side out and iron. Turn the remaining three inches under and pin it down. Top stitch the burp cloth by stitching 1/4″ along the perimeter of the burp cloth.topstitch-burp-cloth
  8. pin-down-burp-cloth-openingUsing a water soluble pencil, mark the entire horizontal center line of your burp cloth. (I just happened to mark the side with the dots since it was easier to line up!)mark-decorative-stitch-with
  9. Choose a fun decorative stitch and sew on top of the line you drew down the center of the burp cloth. Don’t my giraffe look happier with leaves? This top stitch helps keep that batting in place after all of the washings (just like quilting). If you don’t have decorative stitches, a simple straight stitch down the center will work too. topstich-with-decorative-st

You’re done! Sit back and enjoy your adorable burp cloth. Now my brother and his wife can thank me for having less spit up on their clothes! After a few washings your flannel will get softer – hooray! I’m in love with these burp cloths.



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