The Best Birthday Goodie

A FUN Candy-Free Option that won’t break the bank!

Both of my sons have summer birthdays. I honestly LOVE it because birthday party ideas and locations are endless. However, they can often get overlooked at school since everyone is on break when their actual birthday occurs. From my experience, some teachers celebrate half birthdays, while others prefer to honor the child during the last week of school.

Most kids bring in cupcakes with cute toppers or something fun and edible (like a Golden Snitch). You can find a heap of edible delights at Bite Sized Biggie. However, with so much excitement the last week of school, it can turn into sugar overload for the classroom. I don’t wish that on my son’s teacher because she’s an absolute SAINT and made it through a full school year with 24 first graders! Additionally, she mentioned at the beginning of the year that she prefers kids hand out non-food items to keep the mess at bay inside her classroom.

Many kids brought in super fun goodie bags, filled to the brim with toys and cute items. Hoping to come up with something fun and memorable, I wracked my brain and realized that the biggest hit from the dollar store for my two kids (age 2 and 7) are the punching balloons! Those $1 magical spheres keep them entertained for an hour or more!

So I grabbed a bunch from the dollar store and then whipped up a cute birthday tag. My gift to you is the PDF for FREE!


Here’s how to make your own birthday goodie that makes no mess, costs less and has maximum fun potential:

  1. Grab some card stock paper and punching balloons (I picked up two per kid).
  2. Download this totes adorbs (and free) PDF.
  3. Print out as many as you need.
  4. Have your student write his name on the card.
  5. Use a hole punch for the card.
  6. Thread through some twine and tie the card to a punching balloon (or two).
  7. Send them to school with your kid on his special day.
  8. Oh yeah, please give the teacher a heads up that the goodie is on it’s way, as she may opt to instruct kids to inflate at home or outside. I can’t imagine a room full of first graders with blown up punching balloons!

This is super fun and way easier that making cupcakes or spending a fortune at the party store for goodie bag treats. I think kids will have a blast with their balloons in celebration of my son. No need for another sugar high right before schools is out. Making birthdays more simple AND more fun is a Bite Sized Biggie in my book. One last thing, if you have a wonderful teacher who also deserves some treats, here are some creative ideas to make her feel appreciated.

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