Quick Guide to Eggnog for both Lovers and Haters

Eggnog. It’s one of those polarizing items – much like the over/under TP debate. You either love it or hate it. I hated it. Like, really hated it. Until I realized it was sort of like coffee. I hated coffee until I realized there are so many different ways to enjoy it. I just had to find my groove. This time of year, you can find a number of different brands of eggnog in the grocery stores. If you have a fave, pick some up and enjoy these suggestions on how to enjoy it a little differently this year. Looking to make your own? We’ve got a couple of those recipes, too. We’ve even included a vegan eggnog recipe!Quick Guide to Eggnog for both Lovers and Haters

Basic Recipe

I received a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (affiliate) as a wedding gift many moons ago and it’s still my go to cookbook for so many things – my Christmas sugar cookies, spinach quiche and even the basic meatloaf. Here’s their eggnog recipe that I use every year. We make ours minus the nog so the kids can enjoy it and it’s so good. I’m a little paranoid about eggs and this recipe cooks the eggs. Peace of mind for me is always a plus! Get the recipe here.

If you’ve ever watched Alton Brown on the Food Network, you know that every recipe he shares comes along with some history, too! Check out his recipe for aged eggnog. It requires a little time to be enjoyed as intended, but it’s also tasty in the days right after it’s made.

The word nog was an Old English term for ale, and a noggin was the cup from whence it was drunk. Although most Americans think of eggnog as something they get out of a milk carton during the two-week period leading up to Christmas, eggnog descends from sack posset, a strong, thick English beverage built upon eggs, milk and either a fortified wine (like Madeira) or ale. It was a highly alcoholic beverage, often served so thick it could be scooped. It was also very much an upper-class tipple, ...:

Jazzed Up Recipes

Most things are even better when you add chocolate. Ever added chocolate to your eggnog?

And if vegan is how you roll, this is a popular vegan eggnog recipe.

Produce On Parade - The Best Vegan Eggnog

We think Santa might leave you a little something extra nice if you make him some of this. Or, he may pass out on your sofa.

Santa's Magic Potion {Eggnog and Baileys} - Have eggnog to use? This drink is smooth, creamy, and puts your 'nog to great use! Mmm!

Sprucing Up Leftover Eggnog

Leftover eggnog can get a little boring. The thrill just seems to go away. This trick creates a whole new delicious treat to enjoy. Mix your eggnog with peppermint ice cream and sprinkle with candy canes. You won’t believe the taste!

Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake

Or maybe you’d rather eat your leftover eggnog. Eggnog Biscotti would go great with a cup of joe!

Eggnog Biscotti #HolidayButter #shop #cbias

Or a nice, creamy Eggnog Cheesecake. Yummmmm.

Eggnog Cheesecake - Divine eggnog cheesecake on top of a gingersnap crust, topped with eggnog whipped cream. This is something every eggnog lover must try!

If you’re an eggnog hater, we challenge you to see if switching things up helps. We’d love to hear about it! Comment below! And pin this post so you’ll have it next year, too!Delicious ways to spice up the eggnog tradition - love these fun recipes!



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