The Best Kept Stain Removal Secret

I wish someone had tipped me off to this laundry helper YEARS ago!

As a mom of 4, I’ve washed out countless spit up stains, milk stains, food stains, poop stains, grass stains and countless others! I’ve spent money on lots of different stain removal sprays and sticks and powders. And THEN – someone shared the secret!The best kept stain removal secret - who knew $2 could work so well?!?

I had a friend who’d recently had her first baby when I was pregnant with my fourth and she casually mentioned how Fels-Naptha soap was so easily removing spit up stains from her baby’s clothes. She said some other mom had told her about it and she was sure I’d heard of it.

I. had. not.

With my first 3 kids, I fought the stains and the stains won. I just assumed that’s how life had to be. But then I tried Fels-Naptha (affilliate) for stain removal!

Fels-Naptha soap does SUCH a great job on stains and is super easy to use! I wish I'd found it 3 kids ago!

It comes in a bar and is wrapped in a very unassuming wrapper. In fact, in my grocery store, it’s almost hiding on the bottom shelf with the other unsung laundry heroes – baking soda, borax and the like. The simplicity is so comforting! So is the fragrance. When I smell it, I feel 6 again, in the tub with a bar of Dial soap. It’s such a clean smell.

The instructions on the label are simple to follow.

  1. Wet Stain.
  2. Rub with Bar
  3. Wait 1 minute then wash as normal.

And it works!

It sounds crazy, but I’ve even had success with removal of stains that were washed and dried before I saw them. It’s been a reliable stain fighting tool and my current bar has lasted over 2 years. It’s battled many food spills, outdoor stains and more.

This is seriously one of the best $2 purchases you’ll ever make.

It can also be used as a laundry booster. Those instructions are on the back, too. A lot of homemade laundry detergent recipes use this soap to help with stain fighting.

Pick up a bar today! It’s become one of my baby shower gifts for expectant mothers. Grab some here (affiliate)!This stuff has saved so many peices of clothing that I thought were beyond saving - best stain remover I've ever tried! And it's SO inexpensive!

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