Travel Lego Kit Tutorial

How to make a TRAVEL Lego Kit - keeps all of those little pieces together on the go!First, a confession.

Legos make me nuts. So. Many. Pieces!

But kids LOVE them. And they are great toys. They help develop so many useful skills and spark creativity. Legos are a safe bet gift idea for kids for a wide range of ages. But we all need a way to keep them together and make them easier to handle as we move from place to place. So we started with one of those freebie drawstring backpacks that we seem to have a trillion of and gave it a new lease on life – here’s everything you need to make one too!



Grab your supplies.

Lay bag flat. If desired, outline the base plate in the center of the bag. Fill in the outlined square on the bag using acrylic or fabric paint. Let the paint dry completely.Optional - paint over any logos or text for your Lego kit

Cut your velcro into 4 equal strips, keeping the strips velcroed together (this will make it easier to line up later). Apply the velcro strips so the softer half of the velcro adheres to the back of the base plate. This’ll keep surfaces from getting scratched when the board is removed from the bag.Use sticky-back velcro to attach your baseplate to the kit bag

Peel away the adhesive backing and place the baseplate onto the backpack, applying pressure to adhere the velcro to the bag.

Voila! Your project is complete. The bag can easily be personalized if you have a steady hand or vinyl cutting machine.

Pro Tip:

Include a couple of zipper storage bags for containment….those Legos have a mind of their own sometimes!

How to make a Travel Lego Kit - keeps those pieces together on the go and re-uses a freebie drawstring backpack that we all have too many of!

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