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  • Why This Mom Got Rid of Her Wardrobe

    Have you seen neat and tidy closet photos and thought “who has a closet that REALLY looks like that”? One Mom took that thought and challenged it – and the results were amazing. She shares her wardrobe before and after photos and all of the outfit combinations she’s able to put together with little thought […]

  • 6 Reasons Why You NEED a Cast Iron Skillet

    Cast iron skillet cover image

    It took me a long time to warm up to my cast iron skillet, but now we are best friends. I often keep it on my stove top and it gets used more then ALL my other skillets. I am constantly cooking fish, searing meat, sauteing veggies, and making a killer grilled cheese! No, it’s […]

  • Why You Should Attend a Marriage Conference

    When you hear “marriage conference”, what are your first thoughts? Circles of chairs where you have to “share with the group”? Cheesy activities that either embarrass you or physically injure you? Couples yoga? What if I told you you could sit in a room with 1,000 other people and feel like you’re the only couple […]

  • BEST of 2015!

    Have you ever bitten your fingernails? I did as a kid. I stopped eventually but it feels like we did a lot of that this year — our first year working on Bite Sized Biggie! We’ve shared and learned so much with nervous excitement along the way! There are 3 of us on this adventure – […]

  • How to Build Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

    One of our most popular posts is Why This Mom Got Rid of Her Wardrobe. Seems we all share a desire to toss everything and start over. But where to start? Your current wardrobe, whether you enjoy it or not, has taken years (sometimes decades) to build. How can you bear to get rid of it? That’s the […]

  • Homeschool Hints: Help Your Struggling Student

    A funny thing seems to happen when homeschooling. You and your student(s) hit a groove and for a little while things seem to be sailing along smoothly. Then, suddenly, it all comes to a screeching halt. One day you realize one of your kids is slipping behind. A couple of errors here and there have […]

  • Homeschool Hints: How to Handle THE Socialization Question

    If you’ve ever even mentioned you’re thinking of homeschooling to non-homeschooling people, you’ll get the question, “What about socialization?” For many homeschooling parents, “socialization” is a trigger word…causing clenched fists and eye twitches. I TRY to have grace when people ask the question. Some days, that grace comes more easily. Some days, it’s harder. Often, […]

  • Top 12 Things to Pack for Disney

    We’ve taken our kids to Disney a couple of times and each time we go, I try to make notes of things to remember for our NEXT trip – let’s face it, once you go, it’s not like you’ve crossed it off of your to-do list. You’re always thinking of what to pack for the […]

  • Homeschool Hints: How to Raise Readers

    This mama’s heart skipped a beat the other day and I’ll tell you why. It was library day. Our kids normally love our trips to the library, so that was no surprise. On this particular day, we’d made our quick trip in, the kids picked out a pile of books and we hopped back in […]

  • A Classroom at our Kitchen Table: Learning 24/7

    As moms, we find out quickly that learning never stops. Whether you’re trying to teach or not, kids are soaking up everything around them. As a homeschooling mom, I’ve found that there are some simple additions to our living space that help keep our kids learning around the clock, even when it’s not our structured […]