6 Reasons Why You NEED a Cast Iron Skillet

If You Aren’t Cooking in Cast Iron, You’re Missing Out!

It took me a long time to warm up to my cast iron skillet, but now we are best friends. I often keep it on my stove top and it gets used more then ALL my other skillets. I am constantly cooking fish, searing meat, sauteing veggies, and making a killer grilled cheese! No, it’s not as simple to clean as non-stick but I feel the benefits of cooking with cast iron FAR out way the extra time it takes me to clean and take care of it. I originally purchased it many years ago to make a skillet cookie pie but now I cook so much more. Another reason why I avoided using it was the weight. It is ridiculously heavy, so make sure yours is in a spot that’s easy to grab. Your food and family will be happier!

1. Cast iron skillets are healthier than non-stick

You can boost your iron intake by cooking in cast iron! It’s true. While spaghetti sauce and applesauce that take a longer time to cook absorb the most, many foods will benefit from being cooked in cast iron. A newer pan emits more then an older one, so keep that in mind. Your family will be rewarded with healthier foods that absorb this nutrient. Be aware of cooking for children under the age of three in cast iron, as extra iron can be harmful to their little bodies. No need to worry about scratches, chips, fumes or peeling that can occur with non-stick. Nothing harmful will creep into your food from cast iron so cook away!

2. The INCREDIBLE sear

Brown your meats and veggies in a cast iron skillet. That sear adds so much crispy flavoring that no non-stick skillet can achieve! YUM.

Seared Broccoli

3. It’s versatile

You can use cast iron in both your oven AND on the stove-top, so there are fewer pans to clean! I love the idea of cleaning less. This is also a great pan for people with limited kitchen storage. Instead of multiple pans, this cast iron skillet is multi-purpose. Just remember that the handle gets hot!

4. Cleaning Is easy

Follow the rules of cleaning and your cast iron will be a snap to clean. Here are some simple tips.

Cleaning Cast Iron

5. It’s durable

Have you thrown out non-stick pans because the coating got scratched? Cast iron is WAY more durable! Don’t worry about someone using a metal spoon, knife or another metal utensil on your cast iron. Go ahead and cut into that chocolate chip cookie pie AND use that cute pie server to scoop it out. Therefore, you have no worries because it can handle ANYTHING.

6. It’s affordable

Cast iron is much less expensive then stainless steel. It is great if you’re on a tight budget or don’t wish to make a big investment. I have this one (affiliate) and it’s a great buy!

There are many yummy foods to make in a cast iron skillet but I love baked goods. If you use this pan to make just two things, chocolate chip pie and cornbread are the way to go. I love the way the cast iron makes these taste AND look. This video is especially for those dessert lovers! Here’s another cast iron tip – it takes longer to warm up your cast iron then other pans so you need to adjust cooking times. I had some under-cooked fish when I attempted cooking some seared salmon for the first time. Make sure it’s the right temp before you start cooking or use a handy meat thermometer! We hope you enjoy cooking in cast iron as much as we do. Let us know your favorite cast iron dish in the comments below.








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