Frozen II Enchanted Forest Calming Jar

The long wait is almost over! Frozen II is finally about to be in theaters! We love the adventures of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven. Since Olaf is our favorite character, we chose him when assembling a fun and quick calming jar. In the movie, Olaf enters the enchanted forest and everything starts to swirl around him, so this calming jar captures the scene perfectly! Olaf, loads of colorful glitter and corn syrup create a mesmerizing calming jar everyone will love.

This is also a great birthday party craft for kids. Enchanted Forest calming jars can be personalized so no two are the same by using different color sequins, glitter and different Frozen II stickers. To make our Olaf jar, we used thick plastic Olaf stickers, red and orange sequins and tons of yellow glitter to create the scene.

This project requires superglue. Therefore, adult supervision is recommended for step 7.


  1. A clean, durable jar or sturdy plastic bottle(affiliate) with a wide opening
  2. Clear corn syrup so you can see the excitement. You will need enough to fill 90% the jar.
  3. Warm water
  4. One penny
  5. Sequins
  6. Fine glitter
  7. Plastic stickers or small figures of Frozen II characters
  8. Superglue


  1. First, fill your jar up to the halfway point with corn syrup.
  2. Prepare your stickers by pressing the sticky side onto fine glitter.
  3. Superglue a penny to the back of your plastic stickers to prevent them from floating to the top of your Frozen II Calming Jar.
  4. Drop in your stickers, glitter, sequins and any other items.
  5. Fill your jar up to 90% with corn syrup.
  6. Top off the remaining amount with hot water. Make sure it has room at the top so a large bubble of air can move around.
  7. Next, apply super glue to both the rim of the jar and cap.
  8. Secure the the cap onto the jar and let it dry for 10 minutes.
  9. Gently move your jar around to mix up all of your corn syrup.
  10. Finally, watch the Enchanted Forest swirl around your favorite Frozen II character.

Since my kids love watching Olaf swirl around the Enchanted Forest in their new calming jars, we plan to make more with each character for our friends. Plus, it’s easy to personalize your Frozen II Enchanted Forest Calming Jar by experimenting with different color sequins, stickers and glitter. Helpful hint: Large stickers work best in larger jars.

This craft is easy, fun and takes very little time. So, go ahead and make one now! It keeps your little ones calm and patient waiting for Frozen II to start!

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