Easy DIY No-Slip Slippers

A Simple Hack for Less Slippery Slippers

We tend to have a few falls in my family. With hardwood floors throughout my house, my kids tend to run around and slip. Many are unavoidable with a toddler, but now I can make their slippers more grippy! The only supply you need is basic puffy paint. These slippers are still washable and the paint holds up against life’s craziness.


  • (aff) Puffy paint
  • Slippers in need of extra grip
  • 2 socks or any material to stuff inside the slippers   


1. Stuff your slippers with socks or any material that will help your slippers maintain their shape during the paint application and drying process (I actually used clean diapers… they are always within reach these days).

2. Apply your puffy paint to the bottoms. Create a cute pattern! This is a fun step for your little helpers. In my case, I had the best time decorating. Snowflakes, stripes, chevron, polka dots, smiley faces, x’s and o’s, names, hashtags, “BRING ME COOKIES” – so many possibilities!

3. Let it dry according to your puffy paint instructions. Mine took about 4 hours but I waited 24 hours before letting my son wear them.

4. Pop ’em on and enjoy! These are machine washable in the gentle cycle and line dry.

Now this kid will hopefully have fewer slips! Try this trick out on your slippers today that need a bit of extra gripping strength. Pin this post to save it for later!


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