How to Volunteer During COVID-19

Wow, folks. We find ourselves in some straaaaange new times, don’t we? Physical distancing for COVID-19 has created challenges we’ve never before had to imagine. And for those of us, and there are MANY, who want to put ourselves to work and feel useful, it’s a bit hard to figure out where to start. How can we help when we can’t be close? How can we put our nervous energy to good use?

We’ve come up with a bunch of great ways to help that still allow for us to be at least 6 feet apart. If you have other ideas, by all means, PLEASE share in the comments! We’re going to get through this – and there are things we can all do to help others who’re also struggling. Our lives have been disrupted and this disruption will go on far longer than anyone would like. Even the extreme introverts will eventually get tired of this one!

If you’re unable to help at this time due to health conditions or shelter in place orders, please don’t feel guilty. Non-profits value the “helper spirit” as much as the volunteer labor. Send them your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement while we all weather this storm. To find nonprofits in your area, check out this resource. Please, please, please follow your state or local guidelines for being out and about. Those guidelines are changing almost daily. Stay informed and be safe.

We’ve sized the graphics below for sharing on social media – let people know how you’re helping because it may help them figure out how best to help during COVID-19 as well!

Neighborhood Cleanup - COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities
Lawn Care - COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities
Share! COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

With many parents and children spending inordinate amounts of time with one another, it’s also a great time to re-connect. The following posts may come in handy during your quarantine. Also, feel free to check our Archives page for some craft ideas, homeschooling tips, recipes, sewing tutorials and so much more!

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