11 Drool-Worthy Craft Room Organization Ideas

You’re going to LOVE these ideas!

Whether your craft space is a dedicated room or a small corner, check out these drool-worthy organization ideas and your projects won’t get lost in clutter! Step up your craft room organization game with these great tips! First, stash your fabric stash in the cutest of drawerspink drawers

Or file your fabric away like your other important “materials”. viafilecabinetstashWrap that ribbon around a craft stick (affiliate) and put it on display in your prettiest jar (affiliate). viaribbon jarOr keep your ribbon rolled and pop into a cool retro straw dispenser (affiliate).  Ribbon storage solved!strawjarMake a spinning caddy for all of your tiny craft items by hot gluing a Lazy Susan, cake pans and inexpensive candlesticks. lazysusan Don’t throw out those scraps! Keep them in a glass scrap jar for future use. scrap jar Frame up your thread – and organize it by color while you’re at it!threadframe

Cherish your sewing supplies like you would a fine piece of art in a fancy frame. viapretty pegboard

Use metal bobbins? They’ll never get lost in the drawer again! Stick these handy magnetic strips just about anywhere. viamagnetic bobbins

Speaking of magnets, did you know you can use metal boards to organize EVERYTHING with magnets? Look here!Use metal boards and strong magnets to organize your crafty space!

Love to consolidate? Stow it ALL in a clever swing-open sewing cabinet!sewing cabinet


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