Manicure Hack – MUST Try Tip!

So, you’ve likely seen some of the videos being shared with fun patterns on nails using makeup sponges, stencils and the like.  They seem do-able, but you’re thinking, “I’m not buying all that stuff.”  Here’s a manicure hack to get you one step closer to a really neat (both neat cool and neat tidy) manicure.  Enjoy the video and grab some Elmer’s Glue! (affiliate)  When you’re finished with the video, check out the bonus tips below!


Absolutely FREE Bonus Material (Just because you’re awesome!):


Follow this diagram to imitate how professional manicurists apply nail polish.

Now you’re ready to get your professional-ish at home manicure started.  Here’s a chart that shows how the professionals apply the paint.

(Note:  Experts recommend multiple thin coats instead of one really thick coat.) via


Make a dotter for your nails.

Make your own dotting tool by sticking a pin in the eraser end of a pencil.

Dip the head of the  pen in a drop of polish and go polka dot crazy! via

Easily paint a heart with a toothpick.

Make super cute hearts with a toothpick! via

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The MANICURE HACK you need to know! So simple to keep the edges neat!

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