Introducing the Boredom Buster Kit

This is a sanity saver for Moms!

As a kid, summer sounds like the BEST THING EVER, right? But as a Mom, it’s a different story. We learn pretty quickly that if you’re not keeping the kids busy, they’re keeping YOU busy – finding messes, responding to arguments and whining, asking to go and do things that require your help and chauffeur services and cash. Screen time can do a great job of keeping them out of your hair for a bit, but that comes with its own downsides. A group of mom bloggers who ALSO want fun, inexpensive and screen free activities for our kids put together an AWESOME bundle of kid activities that will save everyone TIME and SANITY! Boredom Buster Kit - 10 projects to keep kids creative and engaged this summer!

All you have to do is download and print. These activities are perfect for ages 6-12 and include tons of opportunities for writing, creative thinking, drawing, coloring, exploring nature and simple cooking. There are 10 different activities and a few extra bonuses in the kit – and they’re perfect to print and have at the ready for the inevitable moment you hear “I’M BOOOOORED!”. You’ll LOVE having a ready response and they’ll love trying something new and fun!Boredom Busters Bundle - download and print!

We love to share little ideas with big impact on Bite Sized Biggie, and I’m so proud to share this kit with you. You can print this one as many times as you like and the uses are endless. While summer is the perfect time to try these, they’re great year-round as bad weather day activities, too! Contents of the Boredom Busters kit - just download and print!My own contribution to the kit is these Creative Writing Cubes, which includes the easy-to-assemble cubes and lined writing pages. My own 7-year-old got right to work writing her first story. Without any arm-twisting she sped through the first her story and then asked to do another.Boredom Busters Kit - creative writing cubes

She also used the blank cube template to design her own story components. She was so proud to show me what she’d added of her own!Boredom Busters Kit - save your sanity with these projects that are ready to download and print! Skip the searching!

The kit has JUST launched with some limited-time bonus offers, including savings on a reading enrichment kit, too. Click on over to see more about the kit and get your own copy while the bonus offers are still included! Boredom Busters Buy Now Button

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