Pin the Wand on Ron

Enjoy this magical Harry Potter-themed party game!

Our kids LOVE Harry Potter. The movies, the books, the graphic novels…you name it, they love it. So, when it came time to pick a theme for their birthday party, the choice seemed obvious. We quickly landed on a Harry Potter theme. I’m not a big fan of spending tons of money, so we took a major DIY approach to the whole thing. We even involved the kids. They helped create “Pin the Wand on Ron” (Ron Weasley is one of our favorite characters)!

Other than me designing the wands and sign (free printables!!), they did the rest. They drew Ron on a poster, but you could easily find an image online if you preferred. I loved letting the kids help!

All in all, the game was a hit! Who doesn’t love watching a game where participants are blindfolded? With all the fun of the party, I got very few pictures, but no worries! We brought the game home and they can play anytime they take a notion!!

To Play the Game:

  • Print and cut out the wands (printable). Print multiple copies if you have more than 8 participants.
  • Draw or print a picture of Ron on a poster board
  • Grab some masking tape for the poster and wands
  • Tie your blindfolds/bandanas to ensure there’s no peeking
  • Spin your participant a few times and let the magical fun begin! You’ll want the camera for this one!

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