7 Quick and Easy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

I’m a bit of a practical (read: “lazy”) decorator. I don’t care for decorations that can only be used for a short period of time. So, when I think of pumpkins for Halloween, I tend to lean more towards creative solutions which allow my decorations to stick around a while… maybe even until Thanksgiving. Which means I love a good no carve pumpkin.

When I came across this no-carve pumpkin video shared by Proven Winners, I knew it was right up my alley! Not only are there several different ideas, but I also have almost all the materials on hand already! Really basic stuff, like craft paint, tape, permanent markers. Waaaaay easier than scooping pumpkin guts and cleaning up all that mess. The color options are endless for these – they can be so personal and fun for your family’s style!

Besides the pumpkin gut scooping that has to happen with traditional carving, putting an eviscerated pumpkin by your front door means you likely have a pile of moldy goo on your doorstep in a matter of days, especially if there’s any warmth or sun leading up to Halloween. So I’m suggesting you pin this to save it for later and share it far and wide – because LOTS of people need help recognizing that they can save SO MUCH HEADACHE by not chopping these things up.

7 quick and easy no carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn, Fall decor

AND ONE MORE THING. Not carving them is way more economical. If you don’t have to trash them after Halloween you can keep them around for Thanksgiving and not have to duplicate your decor!

Don’t believe me when I say I’m a big fan of “no carve” options? I really REALLY am! Check out this other post from Halloweens past. There are so many ways to be festive without dealing with knives and pumpkin guts!

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