DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank

The simplest little project for a special gift basket

Can you believe the cuteness of this little face? And you can turn your own mason jar into this piggy bank with a simple DIY kit!

Wandering through Cracker Barrel the other day, I spotted this shelf of goodies.

I’m quite the mason jar nut and once I saw these lovelies, I knew one needed to come home with me. The difficult part was deciding which one it would be! Since a piggy bank makes a great addition to a baby shower gift I already planned to give, the decision was easy.

I love, love, love a simple and quick project. This piggy bank took about 30 seconds to assemble and provided new life for a Mason jar with a hairline crack that I wasn’t ready to throw out.


The box contained only 2 pieces – the face and the legs. The toughest part of the whole assembly was making sure the face was lined up correctly with the legs. However, even that was easy as pie!

I hear that it’s bad luck to give an empty bank as a gift. I’m not usually too superstitious, but I decided to err on the side of caution and fed the piggy!

I’m now kicking myself for not buying more of them!

Grab several for yourself (or as a gift) here!

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