This Grandmother Moved Mountains! Special Needs Clothing for Bigger Kids

Never underestimate what a grandparent can do for her grandchild!

One grandmother contacted British retailer, Marks & Spencer, to suggest that they launch a line of clothing for children who are disabled. And they did! They launched a line of bodysuits and sleepsuits that will fit children, age 3 to 8. It will accommodate feeding tubes and meets the unique clothing needs of many children who are disabled.

Caleb, who inspired the new line of special needs adaptive clothing by M & S

Within hours of the recent online pre-product launch, the sizes were snatched up. This indicates a high demand for affordable clothing by the Special Needs community. The bodysuits and sleepsuits are 100% cotton and range in price from $4.50-$8, which is far less than what specialty stores charge for similar items. Marks & Spencer is the first major retailer to offer such items specifically designed to suit children who are disabled. They worked with a disabled charity Scope to ensure the clothing would meet the needs of many children.

Marks and Spencer Disabled Clothing

Marks & Spencer has just launched the full line.

We wish them all the best as this product line seems just what an incredible and unique community needs. All thanks to a grandmother willing to move mountains!

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