Make a Personalized Cutting Board

Useful gifts are so great to receive but can often feel less than exciting to buy. That “wow” factor is often missing. It doesn’t have to be that way! Personalized gifts provide that added touch that take utilitarian gifts up a notch. Check out tips below for turning simple bamboo cutting boards into heartwarming gifts. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to have tons of artistic ability to make these. Simplicity is beautiful, too!750-x-420-BSB-Featured

This 3 pack is a steal and could provide gifts for multiple folks! (affiliate link)  With a little bit of time, you can turn these…

Into this!

Or this!

Using this simple wood burning kit (affiliate link).

Not sure where to start with your burning? You’ll love these 27 free designs! There are 3 simple ways to get your design onto a cutting board.

The Craziest

Freehand it with the wood burning tool. This *might* work out well for you if you’re already a doodler. But if you’re not, maybe try

Less Crazy

Sketching with a pencil first! The woodburning will leave no trace of your pencil design when you’re done, and this gives you lots of room to check out your design and make changes before committing. But if you really like to plan ahead

Really Plan Ahead

Draw or print your design on paper first. Use the broad side of a crayon or piece of chalk and coat the back side of the paper, and then lay it on top of your cutting board. Re-draw the design on top of the paper and it will transfer to your cutting board. Super simple!

Happy burning! Watch your fingers!

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