9 DIY Tutorials for Pattern Weights

9 Must-See Pattern Weight Tutorials

Most folks who sew would agree that the SEWING is the fun part — and that the pattern fiddling and cutting required beforehand is not nearly as exciting. Getting ready to GET TO WORK cutting our patterns? SAVE TIME! And — not only can pinning the pattern to the fabric can be slow and cumbersome but the wrinkling and warping that can happen with some fabric can cause big assembly and finish issues. Work more efficiently and effectively with PATTERN WEIGHTS instead! We’ve collected 9 great tutorials to make your own inexpensively!


Triangle tutorial


Cube pattern weights


Chicken pattern weights


Square pattern weights tutorial

Ribbon-wrapped washer

Ribbon wrapped


Heart Shaped


 Yo yo

Yarn-wrapped washer

Yarn-wrapped pattern weight tutorial



 9 tutorials for pattern weights - so simple to make and helpful to use!

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  1. I use plastic twistable containers filled with BB’s. different sizes provide different amount of weight to match fabric type or thickness.

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