Make a Pincushion with a SECRET INGREDIENT!

Make a pincushion with a secret ingredient - adding steel wool means your pins and needles will get sharper every time you poke them in!

For folks that sew quite a bit, dull needles and pins sure can slow your down or add frustration unnecessarily. Here’s a low cost low tech tip for making a pincushion to help keep your needles and pins sharp – add STEEL WOOL in the center! You can find it at your nearest Dollar Store but you can also stock up via Amazon (affiliate). Quick and simple to make but each time you poke a pin or needle back into your adorable pincushion, you’ll be sharpening them for the next use! Brilliant! See more over at CraftyPod. Love the scrappy fabrics she used to put this one together!

Secret ingredient pincushion - add steel wool so that your pins and needles are sharpened each time you poke them back in!

Want to make a sewing kit topper version? You’ll love this DIY mason jar version over at Pink Polka Dot Creations. Makes a great addition to your sewing room or a fun gift for a sewing friend! Fill the jar with sewing supplies or sewing snacks! It takes a lot of energy to pull late night sewing off. 😉Steel Wool mason jar topper sewing kit pincushion

Last but not least, this square embroidered version is adorable! Found here. Again, filled with steel wool you’ll have a resilient shape for your pincushion while also benefitting from sharpening each time you put a needle or pin back in place.square embroidered pin cushion


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a useful, brilliant tip. I was rild to yse crushed walnut shells, very gard to come by. Fortunately I have some steel wool in my cupboard. Can you guess what I will be making?

  2. Go to your local pet store and ask for lizard litter to find crushed walnuts for another pin cushion stuffing option. BUT be warned that many people especially children these days have deadly nut allergies. Label your pin cushions with the “ingredients” if they are gifts or for sale! I love the steel wool option! Thank you!

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