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The most delicious empanada recipe - you won't believe what's in 'em!This is my new go-to for weeknight dinners. I am in love with the taste of this empanada recipe, how simple they are to make and they are THE BEST to freeze and reheat. Make these for tonight or make them ahead of time when you know the evening will be crazy. I know there are a million things you can fill empanadas with, but this is such a delicious filling with so much flavor, you have GOT to give them a try.


Chop up your carrots, olives and onions.  Measure your ground meat (I used ground turkey), raisins, salt, pepper and tomato sauce. Heat up your pan with some added oil and cook the filling according to the recipe below.


The filling itself is incredible! If you have a gluten-free diet, just serve this over rice.


Prepare the defrosted puff pastry dough by rolling out each sheet. Remember to dust the dough and your rolling pin with flour. Next, cut the dough into 4 rectangles. I like using my pizza cutter for this step. This recipe makes 8 empanadas!



Place your cooled empanada filling in the center of each dough square and brush with egg wash. Fold into triangles and crimp down the edges with a fork.


Transfer the empanadas with a spatula to a greased baking sheet and brush them with the remaining egg wash.


Bake these beauties for 25 minutes at 350F degrees. Once cooled, serve them up with any side dish. Pictured with black beans and salsa.

These are the MOST delicious Empanadas - you won't believe what's in 'em!via Food Network





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