Easy Dough Ornament Ideas

A dough ornament is a fantastic way to make a beautiful and heartfelt gift and keepsake without spending a ton of time or money. We’ve rounded up a few easy and adorable ideas we know you’ll love!

Easy ornaments to make - using salt dough! Inexpensive and so cute!

Cinnamon salt dough not only looks adorable but makes your house smell AMAZING! Not just this Christmas, but for many to come – the scent lasts for YEARS!Cinnamon salt dough ornaments

Have little hands you’d like to pretend could stay tiny forever and ever? Freeze time as best as anyone can by making tiny handprint Santa ornaments!Salt-Dough-Hand-Print-Santa-Ornament

Celebrating a fur baby this year? Make paw print snowflake ornaments!Paw Print Snowflake Ornaments

Looking for a really fun color and texture combo? You can also use dough to frame a shape like stained glass! Melt pony beads (affiliate) in the center as they bake!6640552

Better than salt dough? Some people prefer a dough made with cornstarch and baking soda, saying it’s smoother to work with with a more detailed finish for textures and stamps!

Cornstarch dough ornament recipeOrnaments made with corn starch and baking soda dough

Pin this post full of ideas to save it for later!Easy dough ornaments to make and give! Salt, sinnamon and constrarch dough ornaments ideas - something for everyone!

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