Which Elf on the Shelf Parent Are You?

The Elf on The Shelf! We know you’re familiar with this this adorable and slightly mischievous elf. The book and elf are so popular that dozens of Pinterest boards are dedicated to sharing elf scene ideas. Many families welcome this holiday tradition and enjoy the magic he brings leading up to Christmas. Meanwhile, some aren’t so happy with this elf and his shenanigans.Which Elf on the Shelf Parent are you?

What about you? Where are you on the Elf on the Shelf  (affiliate) Spectrum?

Level 1: Elf Fanatic

Do you spend time creating magical scenes for your elf each night? Perhaps you go crazy with glitter, make flour snow angels and toilet paper the Christmas tree. You are elf-tastic if you spend time cleaning up AFTER your elf and his nightly escapades. You even dress up your elf in (affiliate) outfits! If you have MORE fun with it than the kids do, you’re Level 1 all the way.Elf On the Shelf Rock Band

Level 2: Happy Elf

Do you routinely move around your elf but without the elaborate hoopla and you keep it simple? Are your kids tickled when they find him in a different location each morning? If you don’t overdo it but definitely enjoy moving that little gal/guy around each night we’d say you’re a Happy Elf.Elf On the Shelf Book and Elf

Level 3: Accidental Elf

DOH! You received this elf as a gift or perhaps your kids begged you for one. You occasionally move the elf but over the past year, it is more of a chore then a magical wonder of Christmas. You tend to look at Pinterest to find Elf on the Shelf excuses. Oops! You’re a solid Level 3.Elf On The Shelf Forgot to Move

Level 4: Re-assigned Elf

Is your elf on a different shelf? You changed up the message from the original Elf on The Shelf story. This mom created Kindness Elves, who encourage her kids to help others and praises them when they demonstrate kind acts. Another mom re-assigned her elf’s role in their home. Read her story here.

Kindness Elves Instead of Elf on Shelf

Level 5: Soon to be Ex-Elf

You may have children who outgrew the excitement of the elf or perhaps you now permit your children to play with him as a toy. There’s no shame in re-purposing this little elf and keeping him as a decoration or toy.  In fact, we can help you break up with him or her.How-to-Break-Up-with-your-Elf-on-the-Shelf-without-ruining-Christmas

Or, just looking to SHORTEN the commitment? Try this! This Elf broke his leg and is on bed rest for 2 weeks!
Elf with broken leg

Level 6: Anti- Elf

This mom decided he is creepy, naughty, manipulative, AND an over-achiever. You may agree and never wish to have this little one in your home during the holiday season. It’s okay with us. We won’t tell Santa.elf on the shelf haters

With or without an elf, we wish you enjoy this creative and festive holiday season. Pin this and share with your fellow elf lovers, haters and every elf on the spectrum!Find out! Which Elf on the Shelf Parent are YOU?

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