How to Remake a Boxy T-Shirt into a Fitted Tee: T-shirt Refashion

750-x-420-BSB-FeaturedBoxy tees are so easy to find inexpensively – but the fit can leave a lot to be desired. With some t-shirts you can just take in the side seams for better fit, but when the shoulders are much wider than your own, just taking the sides in doesn’t do enough to help it fit well. This video tutorial for t-shirt refashion walks you through how to completely reconstruct it – and it’s not as hard as it sounds! You can do this!

Pin this post to find it later!How to remake an oversized shirt into a fitted tee! Great step-by-step!


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  1. Thanks so much. My boss ordered a bunch of work tees in a men’s XL for me (5’4″, 145#) and with your excellent tutorial, now I can wear them and not look like I’m raiding my dad’s closet.

  2. I’ve looked at a million tutorials on how to do this, but yours is the only one that is clear and easy to follow. You really nailed it. Thanks.

  3. I did this today and it worked great. I am an experienced crafter but a novice sewer and was very pleased with this tutorial because I’ll be able to use this technique often. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this! I was able to follow your tutorial and fit a large t-shirt to my shape. My only trouble came from the sleeves, but that’s because I didn’t have a shirt with the right size sleeves to use as a template, so I had to use a tank top for the right armhole size. The resulting sleeve isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough. Thanks!

  5. This is an excellent tutorial I have so many shirts I want to try this on. By the way do you have any tips for a men’s short sleeve baseball t shirt? I wonder how you would use these techniques on a sleeve like that??

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