DIY Your Own Bold Exercise Band Headband – A Tutorial

How-to-make-your-own-bold-band-so-simpleThe inspiration for this project came to me while I was at the gym, of all places. I found my adorable new leggings were constantly falling down. After several wears and trying out different types of exercise, I decided my discount purchase was a bust. They needed to be upcycled! Athletic wear with Spandex is ideal for upcycling into headbands. I already own a pricey headband that fits great, so I designed a knock-off. I’m sharing how I made them so you can make them too!


  • Pre-washed leggings
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape

Step 1

Measure your head. If you head is between 20″-21.5″ (average) then you should make your finished headband 19.5″. More then 21.5″ it should measure 20″ and less then 20″ should measure 19″. This is a rough guide and your headband size will also depend upon your fabric’s elasticity.

Step 2

Cut along the seam of your leggings.


Step 3

Cut your fabric to 5″ x 20″ or adjust size as indicated in Step 1.


Step 4

Fold fabric in half and pin so it overlaps by 1/2″ .


Step 5

Stitch together using a zigzag stitch (and a walking foot attachment if you have one) or using the “stretch stitch” that looks like a lightning bolt.


Step 6

Stitch the overlapping fabric down.


Step 7

Fold your headband into thirds, as shown below. Here’s one side folded down.


Here’s the bottom third folded.


Step 8

Stitch the folds together on either side of your existing seams.stitch-folded-headband

That’s it! So simple and versatile. Now you can wear it in the different widths. Here’s a thin headband.


DIY Bold Band folded in thirds

One third folded in.


DIY Bold Band 2:3 fold

My favorite is the fat 5″ headband.  TIP: To keep the headband from moving around at any size, make sure the front rests on your forehead instead of your hair.


DIY Bold Band full width

I love this bite sized biggie– now go whip up a few and join me for some yoga on my deck! (And pin this one for later!)DIY-Bold-Band-so-simple-to-do

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