How 3-D Printing is Changing Food Forever

How 3D Printing is Changing Food Forever

Don’t play with your food!  How many times have you heard or said that?  That saying may soon be as obsolete as typewriter ribbons and chariot wheel repairmen.  New 3-D printing technology is quickly making its way out of labs and into other rooms – like the KITCHEN!  Soooooo many possibilities.  Imagine an Eiffel Tower on top of your wedding cake.  Or brain shaped sugar cubes.  Quiche shaped like race cars.  Think elegance and novelty and everything in between.  Intrigued?

3D printed interlocking SUGAR cubes! Wow!Sugar cubes can now interlock! And printed sugar can not only decorate your cake, it can be 3-D printed into cake STANDS!3D printed SUGAR wedding cake stand!

Sugar diamonds, anyone? How many carats, would you guess?3D printed sugar diamonds

How 3-D Printing is Changing Food ForeverWant to learn more? Visit NPR and 3D Systems

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