How to Vacuum Seal – Without an Expensive Machine!

There are a lot of good reasons to vacuum pack food – it makes it last longer, taste better, and reduces bulk for storage. But you might think you need a vacuum to do it – a machine that removes the air and seals the package. Oh, and then the fact that those machines require expensive proprietary rolls of film to make them work. Turns out there’s a really low-tech and effective way to do it – genius, really – and all you need is a sink or bowl full of water and the sort of zipper sealing bag you can find at every grocery store. Watch the video and share our amazement – brilliant tip, isn’t it?

What would you vacuum pack? Here are some common uses:

  • fresh and marinated meat
  • cheese
  • sausage
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • grain
  • single-serve snacks
  • medications/medical products
  • coins
  • metals that tarnish
  • collectibles

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