12 FREE Tote Bag Patterns

Ready to HAUL it ALL? These totes in every shape and size are all FREE PATTERNS ready to help you get where you’re going with everything you need! You’re going to be bringing stuff with you, might as well keep it all together in a tote bag made just for you!

12 FREE tote bag patterns - all shapes and sizes!

Flat-Bottomed Grocery Bag


Origami Market Bag


Fold-Away Shopping Bag

Fold away market bag

Canvas Beach Bag

Canvas beach bag

Big Blue Ikea Bag


Yoga Mat Tote


Feed Bag Tote

feed bag market tote

Giant Beach Bag Tote

Giant Beach Bag Tote

Carry-it-all Tote

Carry It All Tote

Flying Geese Tote

Flying Geese Tote

Summer Tote

knock off c17

Rainbow ‘Stache Bag

Rainbow Stache Bag



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