A Shortcut to Homemade Apple Pie!

Apple Recipes Shortcut - such a great tool!Does your mouth water for apple crisp, apple pie or apple cobbler? Mine does, but I frequently thought…that’s all way too much work to make from scratch! After visiting an apple orchard a few years back, I realized I NEEDED a good apple peeler to make all of those delicious apple treats. Although there are prettier (and more expensive – right now this one is under $10) peelers out there, the Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler (affiliate) turns me into an apple peeling ninja. I was a bit skeptical at first — doesn’t it look like a toy? But I was impressed – it’s efficient, simple to set up and use, and leaves very little waste.

Start by attaching the crank handle to the peeler and secure the suction cups to a work surface.

apple peeler

Next, remove the plastic covers from the blade and the positioning spikes. It works best with medium sized apples. Center your apple onto the spikes and you’re ready to start peeling.

peeler apple whole

Here’s the fun part! Crank the handle around and the blade peels up the apple until it reaches close to the stem. It will automatically lift off of the apple once it reaches the top. Older kids can help with this with some supervision.

peeling action

Occasionally the apple needs a second peel if it is an odd shape or if it wasn’t centered on the spikes. A little practice may be needed, but it’s fun and simple. The peeler even comes with a core slicer. You may need to remove some of the upper and lower peel after you remove the core if there’s a little left.

finished peel

Now you’re ready to start on that apple pie, apple cobbler, apple strudel, or apple crisp. Whatever you make, we hope this bite sized gadget (affilate) makes a big impact and saves you loads of time. Enjoy!

peeled apple slices

If you’re looking for us….we are out picking more apples!


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Apple Recipes Shortcut - such a great gadget - under $10!


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