Elastic Waist Cheat Sheets!

Elastic waist pants and skirts are not only comfortable for kids, but quick and fun to sew. If you have the kid you’re sewing for nearby, it’s great to measure them to know exactly how much width they need to be comfy, but if you don’t have them close enough to measure, a chart of average measurements can be a great guide.

Different types of elastic behave differently. Try stretching it between your hands.

  • Is there a lot of give? You’ll want to cut a bit shorter than the waist measurement and overlap the ends by an inch or so to be sure it stays put.
  • Doesn’t give much? If you’re overlapping the ends to attach them you’ll want to add the amount of overlap¬†to the waist measurement so that it doesn’t feel constrictive when it’s finished.

Here’s the chart of average waist measurements for babies and little ones:Elastic Waist chart for babies and little kids

And the chart for big kids!Elastic waist chart for big kids

Remember, these are averages. If you’re sewing for a particular kid and can measure them or have someone else measure them, you’ll get the best results working with real numbers.

Are you sewing skirts? See this post for average skirt lengths for girls!

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